Meeting Schedule

Summer 2017 (June 5 - August 11, 2017)






Monday Holistic Wellness A peer-support meeting that focuses on the importance of taking care of one’s mental and physical health through activities and weekly, pre-determined topic discussions. 1:00 PM

Chilton Hall #130


Creative Arts

A meeting for students with a desire to artistically express themselves using a variety of different methods including drawing, painting, etc. Weekly activities are designed to help students de-stress while establishing a strong peer community.

2:00 PM

Chilton Hall #130

Community Gardening The UNT Community Garden is meant to be a place for all students, regardless of gardening knowledge or background.  Seeds, tools, water, and gardening supplies will be provided for FREE for gardeners.  The garden is intended to be a place for all to gather, garden, learn, and socialize.  1:00 PM UNT Community Garden


Community Fun

A meeting intended to explore on and off campus extracurricular activities that have included movie nights, board games, pot luck dinners and other various FUN events.

Various Times

Various Locations


Various community fun activities are scheduled throughout the year. Additional information can be found by visiting the social media links below.